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Contemporary New and Old World Wines Explained

Event Date: Thursday 9 July 2020

The world of wines is vast and varied, and from the latest sales figures; Asia is at the forefront. Wines have become a social lubricant and a staple at dining events. It has become ever important, to arm yourself with some basic wine knowledge to m

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Hawker Culture: Staying Alive

Event Date: Thursday, 25 June 2020

To quote the American author and journalist Bill Buford on food: “It is an identity, culture and history. It is science and nature, and botany. It is earth. It is our family, our philosophy, our past. It is the most important matter in our lives. It

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The Harm of Pornography and the Rise of Upskirting by Dr Christopher Cheok

Virtual Talk Ended

Prior to Circuit Breaker, almost every week, there was news that someone was prosecuted in court for upskirting. Voyeurism has been part of human behaviour for a long time. However, technology enabled a new generation of voyeurs to use smartphones a

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